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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering counselling can be a daunting prospect, often clients may have questions about the counselling process or what they can expect when beginning therapy.

Can counselling help me? 

I believe everybody can benefit from counselling. Having an impartial, empathetic listener help support you with whatever you are going through can be comforting and reassuring.


How long will counselling last? 

Each session is 50 minutes however the amount of sessions you have will be something we discuss together on your initial session and will depend on what you are struggling with. Some people have a specific issue they want to focus on in therapy, whereas others may want open-ended therapy to discuss thoughts and feelings as they arise from daily experiences. In both cases we will review our work together regularly to ensure it is still meeting your needs.

Will anyone know what we talk about? 

Our work together is confidential. I will not share your contact information and will keep all documents securely. There are however legal exceptions which I will clarify with you during our initial session and issues around risk of harm to yourself or others. I am a registered member of the BACP and their ethical code of practice states I must undertake professional supervision of my work. As such, the supervisor treats all information received as confidential.

You can tell whomever you wish about your therapy, it’s your choice.


Can I change my mind?

If after counselling has started you decide it may not be the right time or for any other reason change your mind that is okay. I would encourage you to talk about your decision with me. Endings can be difficult and with your best interest at heart I would like our ending to be as smooth and beneficial as possible.


What is online or telephone counselling?

Online or telephone counselling gives you the opportunity to explore personal difficulties in a confidential and supported environment. It gives you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and a place which is convenient to you.

I acknowledge that beginning counselling may leave you feeling apprehensive. I hope to ease your nerves during our initial session and give you the opportunity to ask questions or voice your concerns.

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